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Help us to raise funds to keep providing counselling for free, to older people and people on a low income.   We appreciate any donation, whatever amount and every penny goes towards the overheads the service incurs.  A Time 2 Talk is run by volunteers, and we pride ourselves on the service we provide.  Thank you. 

Service delivery update

We hope this message finds you well and that you are coping with the adjustments that we have needed to make to keep ourselves and others well, safe and virus free.  If you have any questions on our working environment and keeping our clients safe, please give us a call on 07538 891 325.


What we do

The counsellors at A Time 2 Talk support individuals, partners, family carers, family members and family friends (age 16 and up).

We offer counselling to support anyone who is facing the impact of life changing events such as the loss of independent living due to sight impairment, deterioration of mental health, mobility or moving into sheltered accommodation that can result in anxiety, depression and, or stress.

These changes may be happening to you, a family member or a friend and we are here to help you to maintain and sometimes regain your mental well-being so that you are able to cope with the effect of accepting the situation and making those crucial adjustments to carry on.

About Us

At a Time 2 Talk we offer a safe, non-judgmental environment in a confidential setting so that you can explore the area or areas in which you have become “stuck”, the service is tailored to your needs.

We offer counselling to partners, family members, carers, children (age 16 years of age and up) and friends who are experiencing difficulties watching a loved one cope with their diagnosis and the resulting lifestyle changes. 

We have a team of counsellors with many years of experience who will use a Person Centred approach, however the counsellor may also introduce other integrated models of counselling.

At A Time 2 Talk we have a Private Practice and also a Community Interest Company element.


Why Counselling?

We know that research has shown that counselling is a positive and effective way to explore specific issues, it helps the individual grow, brings about positive change to overcome issues such as anger, panic attacks and stress related issues.  Whilst working with your counsellor you will experience empowerment to make positive change and make a difference to how you feel about your life.   

You will be offered an assessment prior to engaging in counselling and at your assessment you will have the opportunity to have a brief discussion about your issues and decide if counselling is something that you want to do.  You may decide that now is not the right time and come back to us in the future to take up our support.

Our Listening Service

The difference between our Listening Service and the Counselling Service is that you can bring someone with you when you see the counsellor.  The Listening Service will give you time to explore your feelings whilst being supported by someone you trust, your partner, carer, family member or friend.  The Listening Service will empower you to talk through any concerns you may have to improve your perception of life and resolve issues effectively. 

The relationship that you will have with the counsellor will be different to the one you would have when engaging in counselling, however you will experience a safe, non-judgemental and confidential setting that a counselling session would provide. 

The Listening Service is aimed at newly diagnosed individuals with Dementia, Parkinson's, sight impairment, mobility loss, autism, ADHD or any other life changing condition where your condition is impacting on your ability to function independently.   However, if you need support to cope in a crisis and feeling uncomfortable coming to see us on your own please contact us and we will discuss you using the Listening Service.

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